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99designs.com is an award-winning service and the premier marketplace for graphic design. 99 designs promo code will help you get a professionally designed logo for a reasonable price.

99 Designs specializes in seamless graphic design made quickly. Tell them what you need, get dozens of designs and pick your favorite, it’s that simple!  To make things even sweeter, they offer a 100% money back guarantee!

At 99designs, you get all of your design needs to be taken care of in one place having several really great designers submitting you 40 to 50 designs to cherry-pick for your new brand or your new logo and much more.

How does it work and how to run the perfect 99designs design contest?

The first thing when you get to kick off a new contest is that 99designs will ask you a bunch of very intuitive questions, that help you give information to the graphic designers telling them what they should be creating. You can choose examples of the types of logos that you want to be created, and it’s all pretty straightforward.

The next step is to choose a logo design package that you want, and this is where you could spend a lot of money if you don’t use 99design promo codes to save money. The Good News here is that they offer a money-back guarantee, which is a good thing.

Then you see options to promote your contest for which you can pay extra to have your contest blast on Twitter or get it featured on 99designs.

You can select how long you want the duration of your contest to be ( you can pay extra to have your design contest be quicker ). You can let the free option of letting it run for a full seven days that gives you time to get a lot of different designers looking at your contest and adding submissions.

It also gives you time to provide feedback to those designers so you can enter feedbacks on which logos you like, which you don’t, and then the designers can iterate and give you multiple submissions.

Then you submit your contest and let it run to get a great looking logo from 99 designs. Another useful feature is the poll feature, where after you select the final designs that you think you’re going to consider. You can share that on your social media profiles, like Twitter and Facebook and email it to a group of people and have people vote and leave comments on what they like and why, or how they might change things. So that is very useful before deciding the Final logo you choose to have for your business or brand.